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  1. Gergely Csatari (Nokia) - co-chair
  2. Joao Rodrigues (Nokia)
  3. Lincoln Lavoie (UNH-IOL)

Absent (TSC)

  1. Riccardo Gasparetto Stori (Vodafone)
  2. Beth Cohen (Verizon) - co-chairJoao Rodrigues (Nokia)
  3. Walter Kozlowski (Telstra)
  4. guanyu zhu (Huawei)Lincoln Lavoie (UNH-IOL)

Other Attendees 





Notes (if you have comments prior to the meeting add them to this column with your name as the source of the comment)
5 min
  • We do not have a quorum
  • Meeting minutes from last week can not be approved. 
2 min
  •  Announcements

5 min
  •  Release Updates

  • Quinnipiac
  • Work is already ongoing in RA2
5 min
  • No update
5 minutes
  • All branches were moved from OPNFVDOCS to GiHub
  • New readthedocs sites was set up and branches are configured
  • Next steps
    • Configure sub project to readthedocs
    • Build GitHub actions for automatic build
    • Switch over from the old readthedocs to the new one (should be done by LF Staff)
5 min
  •  Health of Anuket sub-projects
    • A: Sandra Jackson to run a report on Anuket contributors and commit report
    • The gerrit projects are in LFX Insights now (for example here)
  • No update
10 min
  •  Walter as the board representative

  • No update
2 min
  •  SPC and TAC update
  • TAC meeting will be tomorrow
2 min

Sub-project Leaders

  • No updates
5 min

Technical Officer Updates

  • Weekly technical meeting will be cancelled due to lack of topics
1 minAOBBeth Cohen 

  • Gergely will be OoO for 3 weeks 
  • A: Gergely Csatari will write a mail to the TSC mailing list to discuss what to do with the TSC